Monday, March 22, 2010

March Meeting Recap

First I want to thank all those who attended the meeting or gave their input into the future of the group. I am very happy that the group is so enthusiastic about the future! If you have any input or changes, please let me know.As a reminder the next meeting will be April 20, 2010 and start at 5:30pm for those of you who can come early. We will be exploring making leaves in clay and using rubber stamps for texture. So bring your clay, tools, some leaves (there should be good vein definition on the leaf and no “fuzz”) and whatever rubber stamps you want.Again, thank you for your participation and I'll see ya next month...Mary De Armond

Thursday, March 11, 2010

March Meeting

As many of you know the SD County PMC Guild is at a turning point. With recent changes to the leadership we need to decide if and/or how the group will continue.As such, the next meeting will be used for discussion of several key issues. Some of them being: - do we continue meeting monthly or every other month? - who is willing to teach workshops? - what teachers are you interested in taking workshops from? - what demonstrations would you like to see? - do we include time each meeting for show and tell? - do we set aside time every meeting to discuss problems people are having? - do you want to start some meetings early to have an opportunity to "play" with the clay? - would a design challenge be of interest? - would a "play date" be of interest? - what do you personally want to get out of this group?This group is for everyone's benefit and needs to be a collaborative effort. We would appreciate it if you would consider these and any other suggestions for discussion at the meeting so it is productive. That way we can have less "talk" and more fun in the future!!!The meeting is set for next Tuesday (3/16/2010) at 6:30pm at the San Diego Lapidary. *Please RSVP by Saturday (3/13/2010).* If you cannot make the meeting please let me know if you are interested in continuing with the group or not. We need your input so the group can be a positive experience for everyone. If we do not hear from you we will assume you are no longer interested.Thank you in advance for your help!!Mary De 694-9406 home(951) 764-7299 cell